Work is in progress on the Mbakaou Carrière hydroelectric power plant construction site

On June 20, 2019, IED INVEST, as project developer and IPP (Independent Power Producer), officially launched the construction of the small hydroelectric power plant in Mbakaou Carrière (1.4 MW, 11.2 GWh/year) in Cameroon, in partnership with the IED Group, the Ministry of Energy of Cameroon (MINEE), the Rural Electricity Agency, ARSEL (regulation), ENEO (distribution), with financial support from the European Union, the French Fund for the World Environment and the pre-financing of the bank BGFI.



A year later, the work is in progress, and the Civil Engineering of the water intake and canal is almost completed. The production of the majority of electromechanical equipment is achieved and the first shipments are arriving at Douala port. Work has also begun to install 40 km of MT/BT power grid.


The Mbakaou hydropower plant commissioning is scheduled for early 2021.

Finalization of the Development Plan Transport Electricity Distribution Horizon 2040 for Gabon

IED has just finalized the update of the Development Plan Production Transmission Electricity Distribution Horizon 2040 for Gabon.


This study, which began in 2019, focused on forecasting national demand (integrating the government's emerging Gabon vision with all major economic projects under development), planning production facilities for Gabon's 5 interconnected networks, and the future National Electricity Transport Network including the planning of a large hydroelectric generation fleet to meet the strong growth in electricity demand while guaranteeing the price of electricity kWh the lowest and meeting Gabon's commitments in terms of renewable energy penetration and limits on greenhouse gas emissions.

The study included an important Transport and Distribution component to detail the conditions production and consumption centres will be linked by the construction of the future National Electricity Transport Network and has benefited from the simulations carried out using the specialised GAP software for the analysis and planning of energy generation.

Regarding the actual exceptional sanitary crisis, making impossible to carry out on-site restitution missions, three 3 hours video conferences about the restitutions have been organized. They brought together the high-level representatives of the Gabonese Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Economy, the World Bank, SEEG, the Heritage Society, the FGIS, and the environmental protection NGO TNC. During these restitutions, the various stakeholders were able to provide feedback on the work carried out and validated the study.

IED wins two study contracts in Côte d'Ivoire

IED has won two research contracts in Côte d'Ivoire for the preparation of technical documents of Tender Files for the construction of biomass power plants and  decentralized production units from Renewable Energy.

The start-up meeting of the studies is scheduled on 15 July by video conference media, bringing together the DGE client and CI-Energy, the CI/UE coordination and cooperation unit and the members of the IED project team.  

These technical studies are part of the 11th European Union FED Funding for Côte d'Ivoire Electricity Support Programme (ENERGOS 2).

Electricification essential to economic development: Lecture presented to IED by Pascale Trompette, Director of Research at CNRS

Tphotos usages productifshis week, IED invited Ms. Trompette, Director of Research at the CNRS, to present her work.

Market sociologist Pascale Trompette works on the links between electrification and economic development.

Together with the PACTE laboratory, she helped define methodological tools to identify and support economic actors in electrification projects, especially in Malagasy and Senegalese villages.

The various IED teams (based in France, Burkina Faso, Cameroon) were able to participate in this virtual meeting in order to learn more about these new methodologies, which, while not technical, are an integral part of the projects we carry out.





Learn more about Pascale TROMPETTE's works :

IED is selected by Kenya’s Ministry of Energy to provide institutional and technical capacity building to the renewable energy sector.

Kenya MoE

Local energy planning provides an excellent opportunity to operationalise Kenya’s sustainable energy agenda, ensuring that energy services are planned to meet local development needs and are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. IED, in partnership with Loughborough University, has been selected to contribute to this process, by supporting Kenyan energy sector stakeholders in the identification, planning and implementation of sustainable energy projects.

The project, a three-year technical assistance facility funded by the EU, is designed to support participative sustainable energy planning and project implementation through targeted technical and strategic support to national energy agencies, county-level governments, the private sector, and civil society organisations.

At the local level, our team will be responsible for accompanying 47 county governments in the preparation and implementation of County Energy Plans through a multi-step training programme based on the Energy Delivery Model.

At the national level, the project team will support the Ministry of Energy and other national agencies on engaging with local planning processes, evaluating County Energy Plans and energy projects, and in implementing policies and regulations in support of the country’s strategic energy objectives more broadly. Additional programming for the private sector and civil society groups will aim to improve overall sector engagement and address key skill gaps.

The project team will mobilise Kenyan and international experts from leading organisations in the development of innovative approaches to sustainable energy planning, including IED, Loughborough University, the African Centre for Technology Studies, CAFOD, the International Institute for the Environment and Development, and Practical Action Consulting. Project launch has been delayed by the global COVID-19 pandemic, but our team is busy organising behind the scenes and looking forward to hitting the ground running in the second half of 2020!