Benin: mobile money works to pay one’s electricity connection costs and to be effectively connected to the national operator, the SBEE! Already more than one million euros raised thanks to IED !

The PRERA project aims to extend the SBEE's electricity networks in the urban commune of Abomey-Calavi and 81 villages in the Atlantique department.

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Beyond its role as prime contractor for the supervision of works (posts and lines excluding taxes, distribution works, etc.), IED is in charge of the social intermediation of the project, to say to connect the most households, infrastructures and economic actors to electricity.

This consisted in concrete terms to addressing/georeferencing potential customers throughout the project area, then to provide to eligible customers (those positioned less  than 40 meters from the new network) a viable solution for paying their connection costs via mobile money, to avoid travel and administrative constraints.

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At the time of May 2021, IED identified requests for more than 40,000 electricity meters, and collected more than one million euros (more than 660 million FCFA) of connection costs, allowing more than 8,000 customers to be connected to a reliable and quality electricity network. And the numbers are growing every day!

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This million euros reached in 10 months is symbolic, and attests the commercial potential of this type of innovative intervention, of which IED is the designer, the developer and the manager!

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