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Reference Name of the project Main activity Country Year
504 Construction of self-generation powerplant based on rice husks gasification Technical assistance Senegal. . 2023-2024
503 Feasibility studies, tender documents for the works of the Project for the Modernization, Extension and Densification of the Electricity Network in the Departments of Mono, Couffo and Borgou (ProMEDRE) Studies Benin. . 2023-2024
502 Improving Access to Electricity in Senegal (PADAES) Technical assistance Senegal. . 2023-2026
501 Cameroon and Chad Grid Interconnection (PIRECT): control and supervision of the construction works of the 225KV RIS-RIN interconnection Technical assistance Chad. . 2023-2027
500 Feasibility study of the rural electrification development project in the department of Mayo Banyo, Amadoua region, from the small hydroelectric power plant of Mbamti (5MW) and associated electricity networks Studies Cameroon. . 2023-2024
499 National Rural Electrification Master Plan update Studies Mali. . 2023-2024
498 Sustainable Electrification Plan for Jamaica to support the country’s efforts to achieve universal energy access by 2030 Studies Jamaica. . 2023-2024
497 Capacity building for the WAPP's utilities in distribution network planning optimization and GIS uses in the energy sector. Capacity building WESTERN AFRICA. . 2023-2024
496 Carrying out studies and supervision associated with the densification and operation of the N'Djamena Distribution Network, within the PIRECT framework Technical assistance Chad 2022-2027
495 Technical assistance for the operation and maintenance of the Mbakaou Carrière small hydroelectric powerplant (1.5MW) Technical assistance Cameroon. . 2022-ongoing
494 Update of the Kenya National Electrification Strategy (KNES) Studies Kenya. . 2023-2024
493 Preliminary detailed design studies and tender documents for the ProMER project (Project for the Modernization and Extension of the Electrical Networks of the SBEE) Studies Benin. . 2023-2024
492 Design studies of HV power lines in 30kV between the cities of Mbui and Makond and between Pouma and Messondo Studies Cameroon. . 2022
491 Design studies of 30kV MV power lines between the cities of Ngaoundere and Meiganga Studies Cameroon. . 2021
490 Design studies of the MV power line in 30kV between the cities of Foumban and Mayo Darlé Studies Cameroon. . 2021-2022
489 Diesel power plants solar hybridization study and extensions of medium land low voltage networks for 23 isolated localities in Niger Studies Niger. . 2023
488 Feasibility study for a photovoltaic power plant with battery energy storage in N'Djamena Studies Chad. . 2022-2023
487 Modelling Mauritania's energy trajectory by 2050 Studies Mauritania. . 2023
486 Technical assistance for electricity sector institutions capacity building for the management of the Universal Access Program in Senegal Technical assistance Senegal. 2022-2025
485 Kenya Green Mini Grid programme Impact study Studies Kenya. . 2022-2024