Team Leader position - Kenya

Team Leader position for the Green Mini Grid programme - Kenya

The Green Mini-Grid program (“GMG program”) ( is co-financed by DFID and the UE. The total budget of co-financing is close to 15 M€. AFD is the implementing Agency. The main objective of the Green Mini-Grid program “GMG program” is to contribute to the cost-effective, reliable and sustainable power supply in rural Kenya. Considering the current context in Kenya, the GMG programme focus on the following types of support:

  • Grant facility;
  • Technical assistance and market development activities.

IED ( has been appointed by AFD as the Managing Entity for the GMG program. IED’s team is composed of two permanent experts based in Nairobi (Team Leader + Administrative Officer) and an extensive team of short-term experts covering all scope of expertise (technical, financial, environmental, social, communication…).

The GMG program started in October 2018 and shall be completed by October 2020.

The Team Leader, an Energy and/or Access and/or Financial expert, is the person in charge of the Managing Entity. His or her role is to promote the GMG Program and coordinate the experts for analyzing the projects based on the Manuel of procedures, managing agreement with GMG Developers.

The Team Leader is responsible for:

  • creating momentum around the programme, by networking, proactively proposing activities;
  • developing and sharing a strategic vision for the programme;
  • leading the team involved in programme implementation;
  • planning the activities of the Managing Entity;
  • evaluating project proposals (based on the manual of procedures) + due diligence + negotiation of grant agreement with project developers;
  • defining and coordinating the work of the Managing Entity experts;
  • preparing the terms of reference of the short-term expert assignments (nature and scope of
  • the short-term mission);
  • mobilizing the short-term experts (international and local experts);
  • identifying the required expertise for the selection and implementation of the eligible projects;
  • supervising and assessing the missions and performance of the Managing Entity experts;
  • coordinating with SUNREF Technical Assistance for a close involvement of local banks
  • preparing and delivering the communication actions for the promotion of the GMG programme;
  • providing technical and contracting advice and reporting on all aspects of the operations of the GMG program to AFD and DFID.
  • Elaborating the mandatory reporting for AFD

Position open from January 2019 to mid-October 2020. If you are interested by the position, please send your CV and application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.