Mbakaou hydroelectric power plant soon to be operational

New key milestones have been reached on the construction site of the Mbakaou Carrière small hydroelectric power plant (PCH) in Cameroon (1.4 MW, 11.2 GWh/year) and associated power lines.

Led by IED INVEST, as a developer of the project and IPP (Independent Power Producer), and in partnership with the IED group, the Ministry of Energy of Cameroon (MINEE), the Rural Electrification Agency, ARSEL (regulation), and the company ENEO (distribution National), this major project for the IED group is being finalized, with exploitation expected for the end of the year.

On October 15, 2021, the pre-reception operations of the 30kV Medium Voltage line took place between ENEO and IED INVEST Cameroon, which built these 39.7 km of power lines between the hydroelectric power plant production site and the city of Tibati, and will retrocede them to ENEO for operation and distribution to Cameroonian users.


As for the hydrolectric power plant production side, it will be IED INVEST Cameroon that will manage, operate the plant and produce the energy injected into the new network. The Civil Engineering phase is also about to end.


The installation phase of the electromechanical equipment is well advanced with the first 950 kVA alternator installed.



The test period, with load testing and commissioning, is scheduled for the entire month of November, after then the commercial operation phase can begin.

We are thankful to our financial partners without whom this rural electrification project in Cameroon with a strong social impact could not have been possible, in particular the European Union, the French Fund for the Global Environment and the BGFI bank.

See you soon for the inauguration of the plant!