IED Consult participates in the capitalization of the MCA Benin II Off-grid Electrification project

 The off-grid electricity access project of the MCA Benin-II program ended on June 22, 2023. This project represents nearly 6 years of work consisting of setting up first a friendly environment to off-grid electricity in Benin, then through the "Off-Grid Clean Energy Facility" (OCEF), to support private investment in off-grid in Benin. Through OCEF, it is more than 40,000 solar products which have been sold/distributed by the private sector and more than 50 mini-grids will be commissioned by the end of 2023 by 3 private operators.

IED Consult had the pleasure to follow the project for MCA Benin-II as a technical assistant to :

  •  Develop a master plan, a national strategy, and a regulatory framework for off-grid electrification, adopted by the Government of Benin at the end of 2018 ; strengthen the national institutions capacities to regulate and monitor mini-network actvities ;
  • Support the implementation of the regulatory framework with national institutions (signature of concessions agreement, work monitoring until commissioning) ;
  • Support the project capitalization

A workshop to capitalize on the off-grid regulatory framework and its implementation was organized by MCA Benin II on 26 and 27 July 2023 at the Azalaï Hotel in Cotonou. This workshop aim was to share the lessons learned during the project 6 years duration, leading to recommendations and a roadmap for each of the institutions directly involved in the implementation, to improve and sustain the regulatory framework for off-grid electrification.

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The "Ashalayam Khelo" team ready for the Rugby Heritage Cup and the Rugby World Cup celebrations!


The IED Group is involved and committed and pursues an active CSR policy by supporting projects carried out by its employees that respond in a concrete and sustainable way to the needs and challenges of our society. Each year, several actions are supported and encouraged in various fields such as culture, associative life and in particular on the aspect of aid to vulnerable populations in precarious situations.

For many years, IED has supported the Indian association ASA "Ashalayam Support Association"  which rehabilitates street children in Calcutta by giving them access to shelter, care and vocational training.

Rugby being an integral part of Ashalayam's DNA which constituted the Khelo rugby team, and its values such as team spirit and surpassing oneself which are also those of IED, IED naturally decided to provide support to allow the Ashalayam Khelo team composed of 14 children and its 4 attendants,  to participate in the Rugby World Cup of schools in Pontlevoy and the celebrations of the Rugby 200th anniversary that take place in Paris!

We wish them good luck and success !

IED’s new waste-to-energy challenge : The biostar Project in Senegal

As part of the Biostar project, IED was selected for the supply and commissioning of a self-production power plant based on the gasification of rice husk in a rice mill in the Senegal River Valley.

 Biostar 06

The Biostar project, coordinated by CIRAD, aims to improve the energy supply of agri-food processing SMEs through bioenergy in West Africa.

Thus, the installation of this 85 kW net gasification system will enable the rice mill:

  • to be quasi-autonomous in electricity, a very expensive item;
  • to recover its own waste, which presents a significant environmental risk;
  • to generate an alternative income from the valorization of residual biochar from gasification.

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This project is the second pilot project of the Agrogazelec project, carried out with the support of the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), aiming to improve waste-to-energy through gasification.

The energy transition in Côte d'Ivoire still underway!

As part of the "Energos II" program, which aims to rehabilitate Côte d'Ivoire's electricity sector and ensure its energy security in a sustainable way, IED organized from 3 to 7 July 2023 in Grand Bassam a training course on the electricity and heat production from biomass.


Provided by Elisa Vitry of ELCIMAI Group, the target of this training was to strenghthen the understanding of the challenges of energy production from biomass and to give the keys to assess the relevance and optimize future biomass projects in Côte d'Ivoire.


The ten participants from CÔTE D'IVOIRE ENERGIES, the National Regulatory Authority of the Electricity Sector of Côte d'Ivoire (ANARE-CI) and the European Union Cooperation Coordination Unit (CCCCI/EU), followed all the training modules, focusing in particular on the dimensioning of a biomass boiler and the main equipemnt, implementation, circulation and maintenance issues as well as operating accounts.


Côte d'Ivoire is now more than ever ready to achieve its energy transition !

IED Consult in Technical Assistance to Senegal for Universal Access to Electricity

To achieve its goal of universal access to electricity, Senegal has set up a Universal Access Program (PAU), and has strengthened the coordination of its institutions that implement rural electrification projects through the creation of a Coordination and Supervision Unit of the Universal Access Program (UCS-PAU).

IED Consult, in a consortium with Ginger International, has been working since November 2022 as a Technical Assistant to support the UCS in setting up the monitoring and planning tools for the Universal Access Programme, and to strengthen the capacities of the Ministry of Energy and UCS member institutions. More than 10 training courses from the Ministry's training plan have already been endorsed, and 2 training courses on the methods and software developed by IED have been organized for the benefit of UCS member institutions.

  • In February 2023, training in geospatial planning of electrification at a lower cost with GEOSIM®


  • And in May 2023, a training on cost reduction on distribution networks: optimization of electrical and mechanical dimensions of MV and LV networks with GISTELEC® software, presentation of technical solutions for electrification at a lower cost, field visit and meeting of operator of optimized electrification solution.


Technical Assistance is funded by the European Union under the PADERAU programme