Our projects' websites and national GIS platforms

Sustainable Energy Technical Assistance

Providing Energy Access to Kenya rural population

Geospatial rural electrification platform around ECOWAS substations

Green Mini Grid facility Kenya

Energy services for Zigo and Gourma provinces in Burkina Faso (ERD-ZIGO)

Energetic Information System for Guinea

CAPP Geographic Information System platform

Rural Electrification GIS for Benin

Electricity for Sahel region in Burkina Faso (ELSA)

Integrated Rural Electrification in Tanzania project (IREP)

Sustainable Rural Electrification Plan in Cambodia  (SREP)

Solar Regional Programme in Burkina Faso - GIS platform (PRS2)

Village Off-Grid Promotion Support in Laos (VOPS)

Improving Economic and Social impact of Rural Electrification (IMPROVES-RE)

Capacity and institutional strengthening for Rural Electrification and development, Decentralised Energy Option in Laos and Cambodia(CAP-REDEO)

Multisectorial National Group in Cameroon - GIS platform

Electrification péri-urbaine intensive en zone Cemac

Association IZDIHAR - Zone industrielles de Sidi Bernoussi Casablanca au Maroc

Investissement dans les technologies de développement propre en Inde et au Maroc (IRIS KYOTO)

Our networks

CLUB-ER : Club of African National Agencies and Strcutures in charge of Rural Electrification

ARE : Alliance for Rural Electrification

URJA NISHATI : Non profit organisation for rural development in developing countries

AIE - PVPS : International Energy Agency - Photovoltaics Power System Programme

REEP : Renewable Energy and Enerrgy Efficiency Partnership

TENERRDIS : Energy Cluster of Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region

GEF : Global Environment Facility