Activities in over sixty countries

IED operates in over sixty countries in Africa and Asia.

Head office

Established in Francheville in the Lyon region, the group's head office includes various experts and employees who work with the teams that are located in the field (subsidiaries, local offices, international consultants), as well as the company's senior management team and administrative and support staff.

The IED Group

IED's international presence either directly in the countries where it carries out most of its work or nearby is in line with the group's development policy and means it benefits from first-hand knowledge of local issues.

When projects are to be carried out over an extended period of time, IED sets up project management offices on location to handle the technical and administrative management of the projects and ensure clients and donors have local access to company representatives.

This presence in the field means the IED group's expertise is always based on local realities and sound knowledge of the sociological and contractual environments specific to each country.

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Subsidiaries and local officies


The Douala office has been responsible for the technical and administrative coordination of the "Intensive Peri-Urban Electrification Project" since 2008. This project encompasses the 6 member countries of the CEMAC and aims to create between 45,000 and 57,000 peri-urban connections.

BENIN - Cotonou and Parakou – Local offices

IED has two offices in Benin, both created in connection with the "Programme for rural electrification by connection to the SBEE grid" which began in 2009.
The employees of these local offices are able to assist the head office with other projects presenting identical issues or taking place within the same geographical area.

PHILIPPINES -Quezon City – Liaison office

IED has a representative based in the Philippines, to coordinate projects and represent the group in dealings with the Development Bank.


In most of the countries where IED has worked, we have developed partnerships with local consulting firms or colleagues. As a result, we are able to respond quickly to any requests, with knowledge of local contexts and challenges. We also have staff members based locally, ready to get to work quickly. These countries include Laos, Ethiopia, Senegal, Morocco, Mali, Kenya and Indonesia.

The group's subsidiaries and companies

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EED or Études Engineering Développement (studies, engineering, development) is a Cameroonian consulting firm created in 2005 and based in Yaoundé. IED is its reference shareholder. EED performs studies and provides engineering services within the energy and water sectors and, more generally, within the social and economic development sector in Central African countries. EED is made up of two temporary staff members but is now substitued by IEDInvest Cameroun.



EDIS was created in 2012, taking over from EDENE. Based in Burkina Faso, this consulting firm operates in West Africa and specialises in the energy, water, and economic and social development sectors. EDIS also provides services relating to the operation of hydraulic and energy systems. It is managed by expatriate IED personnel.




Cambodia, Development Engineering Co., Ltd (CCDE) is a consulting firm created in 2006. It operates in the water and rural electrification sectors in Cambodia. CCDE is competent in all phases of the project cycle, from the initial studies to providing technical assistance. CCDE is present both to assist IED and support IED Invest.



IED Invest

As a member of the same group, IED Invest develops small, decentralised and autonomous power generation plants using renewable energy sources, and gives concrete form to the term public-private partnership, particularly in the geographical areas where IED has been established for a number of years.