From strategic planning to geospatial feasibility studies, IT solutions tailored to your electrification and renewable energy. IED proposes specialized tools to institutions, companies, local authorities and consultants involved in the energy sector.

To meet its projects and customers need, IED has designed and developed a range of tools based on its long experience in the field in the rural electrification sector and renewable energy. The prospects are extremely important considering that the development of renewable energy in developing countries has become strategic. The new computer approach is therfore  to identify and optimize projects while maximizing the impact of electrification and reducing poverty

These tools, covering 4 main strategic energy sectors are organized into 2 categories:

  • Planning tools
  • Detailed design and pre feasibility study tools

Matrix energy planning software

This set of tools is available to our customers (Rural Electrification Agency, Ministries of Energy, consultants...) to assist them in their work and in strategic decision making.

In order that our customers can also exploit the potential of our tools, we offer a capacity building program..

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