GEOSIM© isGeoSim a powerful professional software for geospatial rural electrification planning dedicated to planners and decision makers. The software is based on a Geographical Information System (GIS) technology. GEOSIM© can be used for identifying development centers, grid extension and least cost decentralized projets using renewable energy sources

GEOSIM© is composed of 4 interdependent modules :

  • GEOSIM Spatial Analyst©SnipImage 2
  • GEOSIM Demand Analyst©
  • GEOSIM network Options©
  • GEOSIM Distributed Energy©
GEOSIM© provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that simplifies the editing and management of rural electrification planning results.

Personalisation of each aspect of the rural electrification scenarios and easy integration of parameters and assumptions are now accessible to everyone.

Numerous renewable options are examined during rural electrification planning, giving users maximum flexibility to design efficient projects whilst taking into account field-related aspects.

GEOSIM© is now used by many organisations, public authorities and institutions in Asia and Africa for master planning and identification of least cost mini grids opportunities.
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