Sustainable development : a long-standing conviction

illustrationAs an independent consulting and engineering firm, IED has been involved in the provision of sustainable energy services since its creation in 1988. Our involvement extends from the study phase right through to the construction and commissioning of infrastructure such as distribution networks and renewable energy production plants.

Sustainable development has always been at the core of our approach. we are careful to provide technical solutions that are environmentally friendly and adapted to the needs of the beneficiaries, whilst also ensuring that the services provided locally are appropriate from a social and economic standpoint.

We have developed proven expertise in project management within contexts where technical proficiency must be adapted to specific sociological and contractual environments.

Our expertise is grounded in local realities, thanks to a continuous presence in over fourty countries through subsidiaries, project management offices, and partners. Active participation in a number of international networks ensures that our know-how is constantly updated. We work for private investors and for clients in the public sector (power utilities, ministries, rural electrification agencies), and for international financial institutions.