Model and anticipate demand

Demand Analyst© is a decision support tool for rural electrification planning. It enables the user to estimate electricity demand trends for each town or village in the area studied, throughout the planning period, in order to optimise the equipment and facilities needed to electrify a village or group of villages and towns. Unlike the traditional top-down approaches to demand forecasting, Demand Analyst© is based on a detailed analysis of the demand of each end user (various household classes, public services, shops, etc.), established through socio-economic surveys.

Demand Analyst© provides a user-friendly interface which simplifies the editing and management of demand forecasting results.
Personalisation of each scenario and easy integration of parameters and assumptions are now accessible to everyone.


Demand Analyst© incudes various functionalities:

Customization of the study area: Demand Analyst© is capable of either singling out a specific village or analysing the overall demand of a set group of villages.
 Planning duration: the planning period can be adapted according to required uses.
 Regionalisation of parameters: it is possible to make the values of a number of parameters vary according to geographical areas.
 Specific demand types: since productive uses require significant capacities but are not necessarily located inside the villages or towns, parameters for these can also be set and taken into account during demand analysis.
 Study scenarios: up to three electricity supply scenarios can be analysed simultaneously and compared.
 Detailed demand output: annual consumption, peak, number of customers (low and medium voltage) and average load curves.
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