POWER SYSTEMS : projects aimed at providing sustainable access to electricity services

Today, more than one billion people do not have access to electricity. This situation is even more alarming when you consider that in many regions the rate of population growth exceeds the development rate of electricity services. In this context, a thorough reform of electricity systems needs to be carried out, with a design that is cost-efficient and optimised to meet demand. New technologies emerge, approaches change, and economic and financial studies are conducted to maximise the impact of the projects : this is our trademark.

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IED's services include a broad spectrum of activities which aim to provide sustainable access to electricity services, including extension of interconnected networks, mini-grids, as well as connecting end users to the grid and assisting them with energy efficiency.

IED's expertise in electricity systems covers the following fields:
Regulatory framework and institutional studies
Planning and strategic studies using our in-house tool, GEOSIM®
Identification, feasibility, network implementation, renewable energy or energy efficiency studies
Supervision of works, assistance with construction and operation

Where power grids are concerned, our expertise is in the following areas:
Study of medium- and high-voltage interconnected networks in Africa, Asia and Europe,
Studies of MV and LV distribution networks where optimising the structures from an electrical and mechanical point of view according to demand can lead to significant cost savings, drawing on our knowledge of the various international standards. These approaches apply to both rural and urban areas.

In the Rumpi Hills area in Cameroon, IED acted as project manager for the commissioning of a hydroelectric power plant with a capacity of 1.22 MW, which would supply electricity to 25 towns or villages. This project also involves 90 km of MV, 60 km of LV and the connection of 5,000 users.

Connections and metering represent a significant portion of costs and yet tend to be overlooked. We are alert to the possibilities which smart meters present in properly sizing metering systems.
MV and LV projects, from drawing up detailed specifications to drafting tender documents, supervising works and providing assistance to the contracting authority.

We have a number of  in-house tools at our disposal to support this work: GISELEC for electrical and mechanical studies, and DEMAND ANALYST for predicting demand.