As an independent consulting and engineering firm, IED has been involved in the provision of sustainable energy services since its creation in 1988. Our involvement extends from the study phase right through to the construction and commissioning of infrastructure such as distribution networks and renewable energy production plants.

We work for private investors and for clients in the public sector (power utilities, ministries, rural electrification agencies), and for international financial institutions.


Benin: laying the foundation stone for the Abomey-Calavi power grid restructuration project and the electrification of the Atlantic Department

The launch ceremony for the SBEE network restructuring and extension project in the municipality of Abomey-Calavi and the Atlantic Department  (PRERA) was held on 06 March 2020. This project is part of the modernization of the energy sector and better access to electricity in Benin.


IED is responsible for  technicalmanagement, as well as social

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In Cameroon, the construction of the Little Hydroelectric Power Plant of Mbakaou Carrière continues for the moment, the project was in the spotlight in the Cameroonian press (Cameroon Tribune of 24-03-2020)



This project launched at the end of June 2019 in  Cameroon is carried by the IED group, the Ministry of Energy of Cameroon, the Rural Electricity Agency, ARSEL , the company ENEO, with financial support from the European Union and a loan from the bank BGFI.

The French Global Environment Fund, invest's historic partner in Asia, is also

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25 years anniversary of the FFEM : Innovating for Sustainable Development : scale-up of effective solutions with an integrated approach to sustainable development.

logo ffemOn March 5, 2020 Anjali Shanker, Managing Director of IED and member of the Scientific and Technical Committee participated in the 25th anniversary of the FFEM (The French Facility for Global Environment)  with Sabrina Krief, primatologist professor at the Museum of Natural History, Sébastien Treyer Director General of the Institute of Sustainable

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Cameroon: IED contributes to the development of the SONATREL power distribution Network.

In December 2019, IED began a World Bank funded project to study the upgrade and the development of the Electricity Transport Network in Cameroon.

The project’s main goal is to create an interconnection between the power distribution networks of the North and South regions and also to create on the one hand, an interconnection between Cameroon and

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IED supports rural electrification projects in Kenya

An IED team went to three fisher villages in Kenya on the shores of Lake Victoria at the end of January 2020, to collect and gather information in order to electrify these three sites.image pour news

The project to electrify these sites, carried out by a local developer, aims to equip each village with a 100% photovoltaic power plant and a mini-grid.


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