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Powerhive mini grid facility in Nyamira.

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Powerhive mini grid facility in Nyamira.

Since 1988, as an independent consulting and engineering company, we have been supporting our public and private customers in their investment decisions, and in the design and implementation of infrastructures for access to electrical services and renewable energies.
We have acquired proven know-how in project management in contexts where technical expertise, respectful of the environment, has to fit into complex sociological and contractual situations.

Our expertise, always anchored in local realities through a continuous presence in over forty countries, is constantly updated through active participation in numerous international networks.

Powerhive mini grid facility in Nyamira.

Since 2011, we have been developing and operating small, decentralized, self-sufficient renewable energy power generation units, connected to or feeding mini grids. We give real substance to the term “public-private partnership”, in sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

As a patient investor, we prioritize local socio-economic impact over short-term profitability.

Technological innovation and the organization of operations by our teams are part of our commitment to long-term viability, and are firmly rooted in local ecosystems and know-how.

Powerhive mini grid facility in Nyamira.

To cope with energy transition, decarbonization, decentralization, demand management and cost reduction, players in the energy sector need innovative solutions and training tailored to their specific needs.

The various solutions and training courses we offer enable them to collect, analyze, optimize and disseminate energy data, in order to improve the performance, profitability and sustainability of energy systems.

Our solutions also offer supervision and decision support functionalities, as well as the ability to lead a process of continuous improvement in energy performance and public impact.


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A pioneer company

iED was founded in the late 80s, a time when climate change had not yet been demonstrated, and access to electricity in so-called “developing” countries was considered a luxury.

At a time when renewable energies were still in their infancy, few entrepreneurs were ready to commit to these sectors with their uncertain business models. Yet the fundamentals were already clear: energy development based on fossil fuels was not sustainable in the long term, and the aspiration of all the world’s populations to access modern energy would only grow.

With this in mind, we decided to take action. We worked on the emergence of market opportunities through a well-argued advocacy campaign. We then supported the first pilot projects, and are now a global player in the energy transition and access to electricity.

Commited employees

More than just a job, working with us means putting your energy at the service of a humanist ambition. Our teams, mostly based in our local offices, are committed and passionate, contributing their expertise and know-how to an ambitious vision.

Since our creation, the relationship of trust and respect built up with our partners and employees has been at the heart of our commitment to society. Our commitment is reciprocal, and our high standards serve our impact.

Together, we explore the social and environmental issues we encounter and develop our expertise by transforming each challenge into a new opportunity.