A multidisciplinary team

The IED team includes some 70 employees with wide-ranging expertise, based partly in France but mostly in the locations where the projects are carried out. IED is run by a team of 5 people.
The head office staff includes some twenty permanent employees, who are regularly joined by a number of consultants providing expertise on a broad range of subjects.

francheville team Rural electrification planning and energy economists
Policies regarding energy, rural electrification and energy efficiency
Energy efficiency in buildings
Electrical engineering: transmission, MV and HV, design and supervision
Geographic Information Systems and development of software programs
Design of hydroelectric facilities, civil engineering, electromechanics, hydrology
Evaluation of biomass resources, household energy
Electricity from biomass, particularly gasification and cogeneration
Administrative, financial and accounting management of companies

barre 4 couleursLocal and decentralised offices

These skills and expertise can be found in our offices in Africa and Asia, with specialisations that vary according to the projects on-going locally. With more than 15 nationalities represented and a broad range of backgrounds, our local offices are the guarantee that the quality of our services is adapted to local circumstances.

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The senior management team



An engineer by training, Denis RAMBAUD-MEASSON became CEO of IED in 1994 when he took over the company. He specialises in rural electrification and renewable energies in Africa and Asia and has overseen numerous projects and studies. As a committed entrepreneur, Denis RAMBAUD-MEASSON co-directs the development of the IED group, which is now a leading consulting and engineering firm within its areas of specialisation.


Anjali 3 bis Anjali SHANKER : Managing Director

An economist by training, Anjali SHANKER first worked on the financial markets and spent extended periods in Asia, before taking over IED with Denis RAMBAUD-MEASSON in 1994. Her work focuses particularly on the strategic development of the group, with an emphasis on excellence and a strong commitment to the sustainability of any projects undertaken. Her expertise covers relations with institutions and project or programme financing as well as planning.


Hugo Hugo YVANOFF: Director of Electrical Engineering

Hugo YVANOFF has over 14 years of experience in infrastructure projects in rural, peri-urban. After being based in Gabon for SOGAFRIC Services, a company specializing in power systems, he strezngthened its experience in Paris CEGELEC, specializing in high-voltage Post / medium voltage and power plants, and led many electrical installation projects, including on behalf of RTE (Réseau de Transport d'Electricité). In IED since 2008 and based in Cameroon, he managed many electrification projects and in particular the regional project of electrification to CEMAC countries.


Cyrildef Cyril PERRET : Director of Information Systems

Cyril PERRET has been involved in the design and development of databases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) dedicated to rural electrification in numerous African and Asian countries. In charge of R&D, his responsibilities include the development of the GEOSIM solution and software programs dedicated to rural electrification. He also has proven experience in project management and training relating to rural electrification planning. Since 2010, his work has focused particularly on coordinating the company's actions in East Africa.


Yan2 Yan LAROYE : Director of Finance and Administration

In his role as Director of Finance and Administration, Yan LAROYE oversees the management of the financial, accounting, legal and administrative aspects of the company and is responsible for management control. He is in charge of preparing the company's financial documents, whether for French government agencies or for financial backers. He contributes his expertise to the partners to prepare their financial reports. In conjunction with IED's project managers, he monitors the budgets allocated to each project and reports on spending to the company's senior management team .