Engineering and supervision of works

Within the areas of electricity distribution and renewable energies, IED provides engineering services relating to working drawings, drafting tender documents, factory acceptance, supervision of works and on-site acceptance. IED has developed specific expertise in designing and implementing cost-effective technical solutions which comply with international technical standards, ensure user protection, and minimise environmental and social impact. This expertise includes performing optimisation studies to adapt the size of structures to the demand, and choosing technologies which are suited to local contexts and know-how. Examples of projects:
 Project management for intensive peri-urban electrification projects in Central Africa:
The peri-urban electrification project in the CEMAC zone (2008-2013) involves carrying out 45,000 connections of disadvantaged households in the big cities of Central African countries (Cameroon, Gabon, Central African Republic, Congo and Chad). Managing this project allowed us to adopt innovative solutions: adaptation of electrical boxes, optimisation of the size of the electricity networks, a commercial approach suited to achieving the complete electrification of all peri-urban areas.

 Project management of the rural electrification of 105 towns and villages in Benin

IED carried out all technical studies (topographical surveys, electrical studies, mechanical studies), provided support for procurement of supplies and installation work, then supervised the work involved in electrifying 105 rural communities spread throughout Benin.

Project management

In addition to managing the technical aspects of projects, IED can assist the contracting authority with overseeing how projects are managed and with providing support measures such as user training, social intermediation, and training of local operators. Such measures increase the numbers of beneficiaries and boost the impact of the structures.

 Rural electrification in West Cameroon

Project management for the electrification of 25 communities by grid extension; construction of a 2.9 MW hydroelectric power plant, and electrification of 35 dispensaries and primary schools using photovoltaics. Support measures for the promotion of productive uses, with microcredit institutions providing financial incentives.

 Management of 17,000 photovoltaic solar kits in Laos

From 2006 to 2010, after having chosen the equipment and supervised its installation, IED managed a total of 17,000 individual solar kits distributed across more than 400 villages. The management contract included: the designation of managers in the villages, training and management of regional operators responsible for collecting the monthly payments from users and maintaining the solar kits, financial consolidation of payment collection (98% collection rate at the end of the project), spare parts inventory management.