IED joined the Smart Grids Institute

Logo Institut Smart GridIED became a member of the Smart Grids Institute since October 2019.

This institute works in cooperation with various actors implemented in the region of Auvergne-Rhône Alpes (France) in the Smart Grids sector. It provides relevant trainings on Smart Grids and promotes innovation and industrial development by their accompaniment and the pool of expertise for energy projects.

Asian and African countries in which IED operates are facing serious energy development challenges. These issues include the evolution, reinforcement and improvement of the transportation and distribution networks but also the access to electricity through the development of Mini-Grids. In order to respond to the needs of these countries while developing sustainable energy, the Smart Grids solutions are essentials.

By joining the Smart Grids Institute, IED have now access to its network. This will enable IED to share expertise and experimentation with the other members and stay up to the technologies and appropriate solutions to each local situation. It will also stimulate collaboration with the other partner on futures worldwide projects. Furthermore, IED will be able to offer pertinent trainings for its team and international partners.

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Benin : End of "Geographical Information System" training cycle

20190919 110233In 2019 in Benin, IED has trained 12 managers of electric sector on how to use Manifold GIS software to manage geo-referenced data. Participants attended four one-week sessions, at IED offices in Cotonou. This training took place as part of an Off Grid project funded by the US Millennium Challenge.
 Through progessive workouts they got familiar with the different functions fof a GIS-software:
- Data import from multiple sources (GPS, spreadsheet, other GIS formats)
- Digitization of data, from paper maps or satellite views
- Layout and edition of maps
- Spatial analysis that allow, for example, automatic calculation of distances between the different elements of the map
IED also supported the participants in establishing procedures for updating their GIS database.
All these skills will enable institutions to manage Benin's electricity sector data in a harmonized way - in a software that everyone can handle, and in order to optimize available  tools to electrify Benin.

Official launch of the National Electrification Strategy Project for Uganda

28/10/2019 – IED is pleased to announce that the project which will generate an Electrification Plan to the Ugandan government has officially begun.2019 Ouganda Réunion lancement NES

The Uganda Department of Energy receives financial supports from the World Bank to develop their Grid Extension and Reinforcement Project that aimed to improve the electricity supply within the country. In this respect, IED has been requested to elaborate a national plan within a period of seven months, with a stated aim of sustainability and impact.

Mid-October, all of the project stakeholders gathered for the first time in Kampala. This meeting enables the IED team to collect various data on the technical, socio-economic and institutional dimensions of the electricity sector and to plan activities.

Subsequently, we will produce an overall planning framework to optimize the Ugandan electricity services and their infrastructures along with a monitoring and evaluation system in order to observe the outcomes.

Through this project, we will contribute to increase the electrification rate in the country.

Debriefing in April 2020 !

Building start-up of IEDInvest's first small hydropower project in Cameroon

IMG 66572019, June, project's movie

IED Invest have officially launched the building of its first small hydropower project in Cameroon, on Mbakaou-Carrière site.
Offering a capacity of 1.4 MW and an annual output of 11.2 GW / h, this project will increase the quality of electricity services in the Adamawa region, particularly in terms of stability of supply, and participate to the national rural electrification policy by increasing the number of subscribers, while allowing the creation of sustainable local jobs and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

IMG 3690The Cameroonian electricity sector will also benefit from cheaper electricity than that produced by existing thermal power plants.
This project is a good sample of international public / private partnerships, associating IED group, Cameroonian’s Ministry of Energy, Rural Electrification Agency, ARSEL (regulation), ENEO company (distribution ), with financial support of European Union and pre-financing by BGFI bank. In addition, French Global Environment Fund, IED Invest's historic partner in Asia, is also supporting this project.

Commissioning of the Mbakaou-Carrière hydropower plant is planned for the end of 2020-first quarter of 2021.

An ambitious project, follow us on next steps !

IED is working on potential for electrification by mini solar networks in Ivory Coast

IED has been working since the end of 2018, in partnership with FINERGREEN, on a feasibility study for decentralized electrification by photovoltaic solar power plants of 24 villages in Ivory Coast, on behalf of Expertise France. In the current context of strong expansion of the national network in Côte d'Ivoire, IED and FINERGREEN are developing a simulation and decision support tool to direct the financing of decentralized solar solutions to the villages for which they are located. the most adapted.

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