IED Consult, Consulting Engineer for SONATREL regarding the substations and HV lines construction supervision for the RIS-RIN interconnection project

IED Consult has just been selected in consortium with its partner Artelia, to carry out the 225 kV RIS-RIN interconnection contsruction works control and supervision.

The 225 kV RIS-RIN interconnection construction is part of a regional interconnection framework aiming to ultimately interconnect Cameroon's electricity grid to Chad’s, to benefit from production sources pooling to enable significant production costs savings favoring national electricity companies and local industries direct profits.

Thanks to the hydropower energy transfer from Cameroon to Chad, the project will reduce production costs in Chad and increase the access to electricity rate in both countries. The RIS-RIN interconnection is therefore an essential and extremely structuring project for the Cameroon's northern zone and the neighbouring countries development.

The RIS-RIN interconnection consists in a 225 kV power transmission line construction, of about 530 km length between the upstream Nachtigal power plant and the new Wouro Soua substation (near Ngaoundéré), and also 04 new substations construction (Ntui substation, Yoko substation, Tibati substation and Wouro Soua substation).

The RIS-RIN interconnection project route appears as on the map below

English RIS RIN