Do you know the "Solar Cookers for Refugees" project?

IED’s staff trips abroad in order to monitor the good execution and achievements of IED’s many projects in various countries, generated the emission of 117 tons of CO2 for the year 2022.

Sticking to its values of preserving the environment and the climate and favoring the living conditions improvements of vulnerable populations, IED is committed to offsetting its annual carbon emissions by supporting projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.

This year this is the "Solar Cookers for Refugees" project led by Fair Climate Fund and certified by Gold Standard in Chad that IED has decided to support to offset its carbon emissions in 2022.

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This project is particularly aimed at women who have fled civil war-ravaged Darfur to Chad, and promotes the creation of small associations that manufacture and distribute "solar cookers" locally. In addition to provide an income for the women working there, it exempts them from the wood "chores". As wood is a rare resource, its use can be the source of conflict in this region so these free-wood "solar cookers" are guarantees of peace and represent a saving of time, safety, health and significant reduction of CO2 emissions related to cooking.

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Happy anniversary to the Mbakaou power plant !

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Today is the first anniversary of the commissioning of the Small Hydroelectric Power Plant (PCH) of Mbakaou Carrière (1.49 MW) & associated power lines, in Cameroon, carried by IED INVEST CAMEROON, as project developer and IPP - Independent Power Producer.

Indeed, the final acceptance of the facilities of the PCH of Mbakaou took place on March 09, 2022, marking the beginning of its commercial operation period, and after the successful test phase, the commissioning and the probationary march of the plant which was inaugurated on April 14, 2022.  

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This first year of its operation is marked by an availability rate of 99% and an optimum quality of service to users. With a production capacity of 1.49 MW, the electricity generated by the Mbakaou power plant benefits neighboring localities, thus allowing the development of income-generating activities and improving the daily lives of the inhabitants.


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The construction of the future biomass plant in Benin is well on the track

The equipment of the first biomass gasification plant built by IED Invest in Benin is currently being transported to the site.

The cashew hull gasification system and the two generators for the TOLARO self-production plant left the manufacturing workshops in Cambodia at the end of January to make a long cargo trip to Benin !



IED Invest's technical team visited the site at the beginning of February to prepare the equipment assembly site and manage the interfaces with the company that is finalizing the civil works.


The installation of the first equipment is scheduled for the end of March, for commissioning of the plant at the beginning of May 2023.

This project, co-financed by the OCEF facility of MCA-Benin 2, aims to transform agro-industrial waste into electricity to meet the needs of the plant, and thus improve the competitiveness of the local processing sector and limit its impact on the environment.


The Agrogazelec project  carried out with the support of the FFEM facilitated the adaptation of the technology to the cashew hull, and made it possible to train TOLARO agents on the Sra Em power plant operated by IED Invest in Cambodia.

Update on the progress of the PIRECT project in Chad

As part of its activities and the PIRECT project initiated by the World Bank, IED was requested by the SNE (National Electricity Company) of Chad to carry out studies and supervision concerning the distribution component of the PIRECT project. This project concerns the densification, extension, rehabilitation and modernization of the distribution network in the city of N'Djamena and includes the following activities:

  • Network studies
  • Preliminary Design Studies Summary and Detailed Design
  • DAO preparations
  • Procurement support
  • Supervision of the work
  • Implementation of a GIS
  • NES Capacity Building Program

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An IED team composed of 7 electrical network engineers carried out the start-up mission from 10/01 to 20/01/2023.The objective of this mission was to collect the data necessary to carry out the project studies. The teams were able to collect, for example, geographical data concerning the location of MV lines and substations, plots, meter data, operating plan of the city's MV network, etc. Thanks to the SNE whose welcome and availability to the IED teams were irreproachable.

Inauguration of the Iferouane hybrid solar power plant during the 16th Aïr Festival in Niger

On the occasion of the festivities celebrating nomadic cultures, particularly the Tuareg culture, the Nigerian authorities inaugurated in early December 2022 in the heart of the Aïr mountain range located 1200 km away from Niamey, the new hybrid power plant of Iférouane (360 kWp solar, batteries and diesel).

The Nigerian Electricity Company, NIGELEC, project owner, with the financial support of the World Bank, is leading the solar hybridization project of 15 diesel power plants supplying so far isolated localities, adding to a total of 6.1 MWp of solar production.

 The project also includes works to extend the medium and low voltage networks to cover all the populations of these localities. IED and its local partner CEH-SIDI, provide expertise to Nigelec on the different phases of the project: selection and contracting of EPC companies, validation of execution files, performance of  works, acceptance and operation.

Niger hybrid plant