IED Consult appointed to update Kenya's National Electrification Strategy

In consortium with its GME partners, the World Resources Institute and Strathmore University, IED Consult has been selected to update Kenya's National Electrification Strategy.

Currently, access to electricity in Kenya is estimated at 89%. Nevertheless, the connection rate of households remains quite uneven from one region to another, and can remain very low in rural areas.


Using the geospatial planning tool GEOSIM®, as well as an in-depth institutional and financial study, the goal of this World Bank-funded project is to support the Ministry of Energy to define a roadmap for universal access to electricity services in the possible shortest time and at the lowest cost.

IED will be able to draw on the resources and knowledge previously acquired in Kenya through the GMG (Assistance for the Development of Mini-Grids) and SETA (Support for the Development of County Energy Plans) projects to carry out this mission.