Completion of Uganda's National Electrification Strategy

IED Consult this month handed over Uganda's National Electrification Strategy (NES) to its Ministry of Energy and Mines Development.

As part of the national programme of "Extension and Strengthening of the Electricity Grid", the definition of this NES financed by the World Bank, was primarily aimed at assisting the Ugandan Ministry of Energy in establishing a diagnosis of the institutional framework governing the electricity sector.

The development of a viable and realistic electrification plan aimed at connecting the 10 million households by 2030 (universal access objective) was this NES second major challenge.

This NES was largely carried out using the GEOSIM® planning assistance software, developed in-house by IED. A set of performance indicators have also been developed to enable the monitoring and the effective evaluation of the SNE by the various Ugandan institutions, in accordance with the principle of sustainability of their actions, so important to IED employees.

There is no doubt that this tool will be of great help for the Ugandan authorities in their future investment choices in favor of future-proof energy infrastructures.