Development of entrepreneurship in Burkina Faso : IED acts at source by promoting access to electricity and telecommunications

Two well-known topics at the roots of entrepreneurial difficulties, but rarely studied jointly ! We are therefore very pleased that ENABEL, the Belgian Development Agency, is giving us this opportunity, by entrusting us to carry out of a study on this  subject in Burkina Faso.

The objective of the project is to propose adapted solutions to improve access to energy and connectivity services (telephony, internet) in order to facilitate the development of entrepreneurship  in the Central East Region.



4G cover - Center-East Region

IED by partnering with Albaron Digital, a board agency dedicated to telecommunications and digital, will seek to explore what synergies can be between two different sectors of activity, but which need each other to develop solutions for the development of Burkinabe populations.

The investigations are currently under way, with a presentation of the results of the study scheduled for mid-July.


Figure 1 : Tomato transformation into juice