Benin: Supervision of electricity grids works in Dakomey

In Benin, as part of the PRERA project which IED is the project manager and financed by AFD, which aims to extend SBEE's electricity grids in the commune of Abomey Calavi and 81 villages in the Atlantic department, it is planned to electrify the lake village of Dakomey in the district of Ganvié 2, in the commune of So-Ava.

As the lake environment is a special area made up of floating villages on the water, in-depth studies had to be carried out by IED and the works company, in order to find an adequate technical solution to ensure the safety of the population and the integration of the electricity grids in a tourist environment whose preservation is sensitive, while respecting the standards in force.

The studies have thus made possible to define an innovative solution in Benin, with the construction of a 2.8 km HTA underground line and the installation of a tailor-made reinforced cable. This HTA line will cross navigable channels, at the bottom of the water, and the cable will be protected by cast iron shells. As for the low-voltage overhead grids, the use of composite supports proved to be appropriate for the sensitive natural environment of the area. These two technologies constitute a major technological innovation for the Beninese national network of the SBEE.

In addition, works in such an environment can only take place during the period of low water level, i.e. in a window of a few months between November and March, with specific logistical means such as, for example, the use of floating barges. The company began the works in December 2021 and the commissioning of the works is scheduled for March 2022 !

KAP 3459