Training GISELEC©: Electrical and mechanical design of distribution networks (Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso)

In the framework of the Decentralized Rural Electrification Project in the provinces of Ziro and Gourma in Burkina Faso, which aims to increase the access to electrical service through the valuation of local potential in renewable energies, IED conducted a training on the software: GISELEC©. This IT tool, developed by IED, allows for the electrical and mechanical design of medium and low voltage distribution grids.

Two training session were held on November 2-6 and on December 2-10, 2015 at EDIS’ premises, IED‘s Burkinabe subsidiary ( This training was intended for the staff of the Fonds de Développement de l’Electrification (FDE), the rural electrification fund, and of the SONABEL, the national utility, as well as for the staff in charge of the studies at EDIS. The purpose of this training will allow to develop and to launch the tender for the construction f the electrical network in the regions concerned by the project.

Prefeasibility study to identify the best options to supply power through minigrids to the 13,000 households in Lofa County, Liberia, funded by the World Bank/CSET

IED and its Liberian partner CSET launched on September 29th in Monrovia a prefeasibility study, funded by the World Bank Bank through the Program for Scaling-Up Renewable Energy in Low Income Countries (SREP) to identify the best options to supply power through minigrids to the 13,000 households of four localities in Lofa County : Voinjama, Foya, Kolahun, Zorzor and smaller towns and villages in the backcountry.

Located on the North-West part of Liberia, Lofa County is a remote area without any grid supply today, but where several rivers are good candidates for hydropower installations. Despite this good hydropower potential, seasonality of the river flow calls for additional energy sources in order to provide energy all year round.

The study will comprise of a demand assessment, the determination of an optimal generation mix based on a technical, economic and financial analysis, as well as the basic design and costing of the local minigrid supply. The primary beneficiary of the study is Liberia’s Rural and Renewable Energy Agency (RREA).

The kick-off meeting has been followed by field work consisting of a survey to precisely assess local energy needs.


Final workshop of the "Georeferencing of Niamey power network and implementation of a dedicated management application" project

OCT 2015 : NIGELEC now have two tools dedicated to facilitate the management and the consistent development of the electricity grid:

  • A Geographic Information System (GIS), used as georeferenced data storage (around 41 000 MV/LV poles + related network and equipment, and 120 000 consumers
  •         An application dedicated to network management: visualization of network mapping; operation monitoring (breakdowns, interventions and works); generation of periodic reports (load estimation, historical failures, delays of interventions, etc.).

Final versions of both tools were presented by IED during a final workshop, held in Niamey on 21st of October 2015, and gathering all department Directors of NIGELEC. Training sessions dedicated to the use/updating /administration of the tools were organized in July 2015.


Study on Renewable Energy and Research and Innovation Capacity of Sub-Saharan Africa

In association with Ecorys and RaL, IED conducted a study for DG Research and Innovation on Renewable Energy and Research & Innovation Capacity of Sub-Saharan Africa . The study took place in the period December 2013 – June 2015.

The objective of this study is to generate the information needed to enable the formulation of a clear answer to the question whether and how to launch a research and innovation programme related to Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)  energy needs and Renewable Energy  potential, that would be equitable and beneficial for both the EU and the Sub-Saharan region, in the area of renewable energy.

EU-SSA research cooperation in this area can contribute substantially to medium- to long-term renewable energy take-up in the region. It can also strengthen the market position of EU players in areas where they are strong and globally competitive. RET-specific research themes have thereto been proposed, including traditional and advanced bioenergy (biofuels, biogas, bioenergy value chains), various solar technologies (PV, solar heating and cooling, CSP), small-scale hydro and geothermal energy. Transversal research topics proposed include support to research infrastructures, resource mapping and assessment, impact assessment, innovative SMEs and grid improvements (including energy supply modelling and smart hybrid mini-grids).

Evidently, the right sequencing of these research themes is crucial. It is recommended that the initial focus is on dedicated SSA capacity building (including enhanced mobility of researchers), accompanied by selected participation in mainstream research cooperation (e.g. in CSP) and targeted EU development and bilateral cooperation in complementary areas. In the medium-term, dedicated EU-SSA research cooperation (e.g. a H2020 Africa call) could focus on bioenergy. Such an initiative would need to build on e.g. a Technical network on Bioenergy. In the longer term, this would strengthen the potential of the SSA-region to participate in mainstream research cooperation as well.

More information:

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Works contract relating to the civil engineering of the Hydropower Plant of Mbakaou Carrière on the western Djerem, Tibati department, Adamaoua Region, Cameroon

The contract concerns the construction of the Small Hydro Power Plant of Mbakaou Carrière, on the western Djerem. The plant capacity will be 1.4 MW, expandable to 2.8 MW. The works consist of a water intake in the west Djerem, a 135m canal for a nominal flow of 13 m3/s, penstocks for a load of 15m, and the powerhouse which will host two turbines.


Download the complete call for tender

An optional information meeting will be organized on July 15, 2015 at 14:00 in the meeting room of IED INVEST CAMEROON, Route New Omnisport, BP 35109 Yaounde. Cameroon.

Deadline for submission of the offers: 24 August 2015 at 14:00.

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