Solar energy studies in West Africa


IED draws up, on behalf of the WEAMU (West-African Economic and Monetary Union) a plan that aims to develop solar energy as part of the Regional Initiative for Sustainable Development.

The goal, by 2030, is to produce 82% of the electricity needed in the zone from renewable sources.

This involves setting up a long term plan for the development of solar energy.

centrales sol

In order to reach this goal, it is necessary to make a statement of existing institutions and organisations in each country of the area, the assets of the WAEMU countries in terms of human resources in this sector and to identify sites (local resource and network proximity) and technologies which fit the most the area.

IED is responsible for establishing this statement, and preparing the implementation of pilot projects in the area (technical and economic studies, draft of technical projects, funding schemes, call for bids).

To do so, a report has been written, concerning the economic and financial needs of the project, and its socio-environmental impacts, particularly in terms of CO2 emissions.

The project started in March 2013 with foreseen deadline by the end of the year.

IED brought its expertise regarding solar energy, but also its knowledge of the area, supported by a resident expert in Burkina Faso.