Extraordinary General Meeting held in Paris on December 2, 2014

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During the Extraordinary General Meeting held in Paris on December 2, 2014 the new articles of association transforming the Club of African Agencies and Structures in charge of Rural Electrification into the African Association for Rural Electrification were adopted. The official abbreviation of the Association remains "CLUB-ER", both in French and in English; the headquarters of the CLUB-ER will be in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.

The CLUB-ER is currently composed of 40 African national institutions responsible for rural electrification (agencies, funds, regulators, departments of energy, utilities) coming from 30 African countries. A transition team will ensure CLUB-ER operation and formalities and will elaborate with the steering committee a new work plan until the new Executive Secretariat is recruited and in place. Full handing over to the new team will be at the next General Assembly which will take place in Abidjan by the end of 2015.

The vision of the CLUB-ER is to accelerate the development of access to electrical energy services in the rural areas of the African continent, by creating the relevant framework conditions and by systematizing the beneficial pooling of experience among agencies and structures in charge of rural electrification.

The activities of CLUB-ER will notably be centred on three main targets:

  1. Capacity strengthening and expertise

Strengthening the capacities and knowledge base of public and private players in order to be in a position to fully participate in the formulation of policies and the harmonisation of institutional frameworks in view of elaborating and implementing investment programmes in rural electrification,

  1. Capitalization, experience exchange and knowledge management

Experience exchange and capitalizing on good practices lessons learnt is key to sustainable implementation of programmes in view of increasing access to electrical services,

  1. Pooling resources

Setting up procedures and a dynamic pooling of technical and financial resources with the aim of: (i) reinforcing the capacities and expertise of CLUB-ER Members; (ii) managing knowledge and related communication, and (iii) implementing innovative actions and demonstrating new technical, financial or organisational rural electrification models.

For more information check the CLUB-ER website: www.club-er.fr or contact the CLUB-ER