IED Consult carries out detailed pre-design studies and tender documents for the extension and modernization of MV-LV networks in Benin

In order to improve the quality of electricity supply and increase the country's access rate and in accordance with the 2021-2026 Action Program of the beninese Governement, the Beninese Electric Energy Company (SBEE) has initiated with the support of the West African Development Bank (BOAD) the SBEE's Electricity Network Modernization and Extension Project: ProMER, to the tune of 30 billion 65 million CFA francs.

As part of this ProMER project, the long-standing collaboration between IED and SBEE continues. The SBEE mandated IED to carry out the pre-detailed design studies and tender documents related to this project.

More specifically, IED will carry out the following activities:

  • Collecting data for studies
  • Validation missions of APS routes
  • Carrying out detailed pre-design studies for the extension and densification of the MV-LV networks, including:
      • 74 HV-LV transformer substations
      • 55 km of MV lines
      • 467 km of LV lines
      • 16,149 connections
  • Modernisation of HV-LV networks including:
      • Upgrading of 66 H59 and 23 H61 stations
      • Installation of 126 IACMs, 14 IATs and 220 DHPs
      • Reinforcement of 232 km of MV lines
      • The closure of the HVA network over 28km
      • The construction of (07) seven HVA-HVA distribution substations and the rehabilitation of one substation
      • The change of voltage level to 33 kV for 333km of MV lines
  • Preparation of tender documents for the recruitment of companies in charge of the works
  • The realization of the Terms of Reference and the Request for Proposal for the recruitment of the consulting engineer in charge of supervising the works