Do you know the "Solar Cookers for Refugees" project?

IED’s staff trips abroad in order to monitor the good execution and achievements of IED’s many projects in various countries, generated the emission of 117 tons of CO2 for the year 2022.

Sticking to its values of preserving the environment and the climate and favoring the living conditions improvements of vulnerable populations, IED is committed to offsetting its annual carbon emissions by supporting projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gases.

This year this is the "Solar Cookers for Refugees" project led by Fair Climate Fund and certified by Gold Standard in Chad that IED has decided to support to offset its carbon emissions in 2022.

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This project is particularly aimed at women who have fled civil war-ravaged Darfur to Chad, and promotes the creation of small associations that manufacture and distribute "solar cookers" locally. In addition to provide an income for the women working there, it exempts them from the wood "chores". As wood is a rare resource, its use can be the source of conflict in this region so these free-wood "solar cookers" are guarantees of peace and represent a saving of time, safety, health and significant reduction of CO2 emissions related to cooking.

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