Senegal: Training on the sizing of HTA/BT networks for SENELEC staff

As part of an electrification project and a capacity building program with SENELEC, the electricity grid operator in Senegal, SAGEMCOM asked IED to carry out theoretical and practical training on the electrical and mechanical dimensioning of the HTA and BT networks.


This 3 weeks training was provided by IED from 17 January to 04 February 2022 and was focused on 3 themes:

  • Week 1: Village mapping from a Geographic Information System (MANIFOLD) and demand forecasting model
  • Week 2: Electrical sizing of HTA and LV networks
  • Week 3: Mechanical sizing of HTA and BT networks

The different themes were addressed through theoretical presentations and practical manual exercises. Thus, the students were able to apply the theoretical elements and exercises on the HTA/BT GISELEC network sizing software developed and marketed by IED.

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