IED was in the spotlight in the BFM Business television channel TV show « Focus PME », hosted by Vincent Touraine.

Every week-end, Focus PME is the meeting place for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Host Vincet Touraine welcomes business leaders and founders who stand out in their sector.

Anjali Shanker, IED Managing Director, was the guest of the show on April 06, 2024. During this interview, she presented the historical vision of IED specialized in renewable energy projects and access to electricity services in Africa and Asia. IED has carried out many projects and overcome many challenges, which has led to an annual growth of 8% for more than 20 years.

It is its ambitions and innovations that allowed IED to create IED Invest ten years ago, which develops hydropower plants and electricity from biomass sources on the African and Asian continents.

This innovative approach is also reflected by software development and financing methods, including carbon finance, as well as for example, the payment of electricity bills by mobile phone in Africa according to the principle of Mobile Money.

IED is now looking for partners interested in societal impact as well as financial returns, and also passionate and committed collaborators.

Watch or rewatch the show: