The equipment of the first biomass gasification plant built by IED Invest in Benin is currently being transported to the site.

The cashew hull gasification system and the two generators for the TOLARO self-production plant left the manufacturing workshops in Cambodia at the end of January to make a long cargo trip to Benin !



IED Invest's technical team visited the site at the beginning of February to prepare the equipment assembly site and manage the interfaces with the company that is finalizing the civil works.


The installation of the first equipment is scheduled for the end of March, for commissioning of the plant at the beginning of May 2023.

This project, co-financed by the OCEF facility of MCA-Benin 2, aims to transform agro-industrial waste into electricity to meet the needs of the plant, and thus improve the competitiveness of the local processing sector and limit its impact on the environment.


The Agrogazelec project  carried out with the support of the FFEM facilitated the adaptation of the technology to the cashew hull, and made it possible to train TOLARO agents on the Sra Em power plant operated by IED Invest in Cambodia.