The Green Mini Grid Facility (GMG) is a Grant Program established in Kenya in 2016 funded by UK Aid (DfID) with 9.1M GBP and European Union Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (EU-AITF) with 5,6M Euro. The mini grids contribute towards Kenya’s National Electrification Strategy to provide universal access to modern energy. 


Powergen mini grid in tea estate in Kericho county

The Facility is implemented by the Agence Française de Developpement (AFD) and the management of the program is contracted to IED in partnership with Practical Action Consultants and I-DEV, bringing in social economic and financial expertise.


Powerhive mini grid in Kisii county

GMG has provided Technical Assistance and grant support to private developers investing in the design, construction, and operation of green mini grids in Kenya. IED has supported the preparation of the grant agreements and their implementation, with support of an Independent Verification Agent. The programme also involve private developers including Powerhive, PowerGen, RVE Sol and Renewvia.


REV Sol village in Busia

By mid 2022 just over 60 sites in different counties in Kenya in the western and northern regions were constructed with over 13,000 connections. All mini grids are solar powered with a total of 2100 kWp installed and 6800 kWh battery storage, initially lead acid but the new sites all use the lithium type. Developers have been active in stimulating the uptake of electricity for chicken breeding, water pumping, milling, e-cooking and e-vehicles. The Mini-grids contribute locally to provide stable energy and develop income generating activities enhancing people life. Thus it is a successful program in terms of models proven and people reached: an extension of the GMG is currently under preparation to complete the program and add about 20 new sites and 5,000 connections and that means many more income generating activities prospects upcoming!


RVE sol mini grid station in Busia county

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