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Solidarity tourism and sustainable co-development of Morocco: technical assistance for waste management

Country : Morocco .
Client : Migrations and Development .
Start Date : 2008
Completion Date : 2009
Value of services : 30 000$
Funder : ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
1. Development of a study methodology for the analysis of « Waste and corresponding life cycle » in 18 “douars” and hostels in the Anti-Atlas region;
2. Proposition of concrete recommendations for (i) the waste collection and treatment phases improvement and (ii) for the environmental quality in tourism sector in the Souss Massa Dra region;
3. Support to the organisation of workshops dedicated to awareness raising and rural authority capacity building;
4. Implementation of practical experiences;
5. Assistance for workshops capitalization to widespread the gained experience.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Analysis : (i) Characterization of wastes in two pilot sites ; (ii) Extrapolation to the study region; (iv) waste sociology in the concerned douars, analysis of informal institutions.

Technical recommandations : (i) recommendations for collection phase optimization ; (ii) recommendations on the technical fields ; (iii) forecast analysis of potential waste flows and preventive strategies;

Training : (i) Training for local responsibles, hostel responsibles and trainers ; (ii) Training modules for environmental education and sustainable development; (iii) capitalization ;

Practical Experiences : (i) Support to the development of a local bags production site to replace the currently used black bags ; (iii) valorization of composting operations and organical valorization; (iv) Biodiversity discovering tour and promotion of traditionnal activities generating no waste.