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Definition of new strategies for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs (Energy Plan) to the Overseas Countries and Territories Association (OCTA)

Client : OCTA - Overseas Countries and Territories Association .
Start Date : 01 may 2008
Completion Date : 01 october 2008
Value of services : 130 304$
Funder : European Union
Associate/Partner : SRP (New Caledonia)
Description :
The global objective is to help Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) define new strategies for the development of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs (energy plan) and analyze the related needs to do so. More specifically, the objectives were:
- To analyze the current situation of the energy area in the OCTs (institutional and economical analysis)
- To examine the applicability and relevance to OCTs of all new development in alternative energy production
- To identify the best practices and knowledge existing in the field of renewable energy within the OCTs, or countries close to them.
- To identify which best practices that have not been implemented yet in certain regions, could be implemented in the various OCTs to improve their energy programme

The study has been presented and discussed in a related workshop, where it fueled discussions and allowed an in-depth review of future options for OCT Energy policies.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Two main services have been provided:
1. Drafting of a comprehensive study on 16 OCTs:
- Caribbean OCTs: Anguilla, Aruba, BVI, Cayman Islands, Netherlands Antilles, Turks & Caicos, Montserat
- Pacific Ocean: New Caledonia, Polynésie Française, Wallis & Futuna, Pitcairn
- Isolated OCTs: Mayotte, Falkland Islands, St Helena, St Pierre & Miquelon, Greenland

2. Organization of an international workshop in Brussels. The consultant has been in charge of the technical preparation of the workshop, including its programme and potential speakers