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Coaching the National Electricity Office in the conception and elaboration of the plan for the valorization of Rural Electrification (Plan VER)

Country : Morocco .
Client : ONE Maroc - Office National de l'Electricité du Maroc .
Start Date : 2008
Completion Date : 2009
Value of services : 151 118 €
Funder : N/A
Associate/Partner : RESING
Description :
In order to be coached in the rural electrification development process, the ONE has retained the services from IED on three major axes :

1. Valuation of the asset: Allow the rural population to take advantage of the electricity by contributing to the development of the sectoral programs
2. Valuation of the services: Identify innovative approaches to optimize the service provided to rural customers
3. Valuation of the experience: Capitalize on the experience of the PERG for the benefit of the development of the rural electrification at international level.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Global diagnosis:
(i) Characterization of the potential: Define and identify the income generating activities (IGAs) which can be developed around the electricity network in rural areas, by comparing the cost of the alternatives
(ii) Analysis of the environment: Identify the various rural development programs and databases relative to the existing IGAs
(iii) Analysis of the constraints to electrification; Analyze the constraints in the subscription to the electric service in rural areas
(iv) Coaching actions to the ONE ; Make an inventory, estimate and analyze the actions already launched by the ONE to promote the connection to the electricity network
(v) Benchmark with other firms evolving in emerging countries

Analysis and Scenarios:
(i) Conception and elaboration of a specific database for the IGAs ;
(ii) Set up of activities; Elaborate and supply models of investments calculation for the comparison of costs and profitability
(iii) Strengthening of coaching services and actions
(iv) Elaboration of the « Plan VER » ; Elaborate services by type of activities
(v) Technical and methodological conception