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Improving Access to Electricity in Senegal (PADAES)

Country : Senegal. .
Client : SENELEC
Start Date : 2023-11-01
Completion Date : 2026-10-31
Value of services : 3 439 018 EUROS
Funder : World Bank .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The consultant provides the services of Consulting Engineer for the control and supervision of the distribution networks construction works in the North part of Senegal (Dakar Regions; DRCO: Thiès and Diourbel; DRN: Saint Louis, Louga and Matam) through the following components:
- Component 1: Extension and densification of the MV/LV distribution network: 438 MV/LV substations, 389 km of MV network, 1279 km of LV networks, approximately 100,000 connections
- Component 2: Access to electricity for a resilient and inclusive post-Covid recovery: 18,400 indoor installations for vulnerable households, 360 connections for essential public services (health centre and school), 350 connections for micro, small and medium-sized companies
Description of the Actual Services Provided Mission 1: Handling of the pre-project study, tender documents and support for the procurement (estimated duration: 6 months):

• Perform proofreading of APDs and DAOs;
• Assist the project owner and the lessor in the awarding of contracts for the contractors selection process;

Mission 2: works and services control and follow-up (estimated duration: 30 months)

• To administratively and financially monitor the Manufacturers' contracts;
• To monitor the technical and quantitative execution of the work carried out by the Builders;
• To control the quality of the materials, equipment and work carried out by the Manufacturers;
• To supervise operational commissioning, partial, provisional and final acceptances;
• To ensure that the Builders take into account environmental and social considerations during the work;
• To monitor and supervise the implementation of the ESMP by the Manufacturers;
• Ensure the monitoring and implementation of the ICP
• To develop, carry out and coordinate social intermediation activities and commercial animation
• To carry out capacity building with the Client