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Cameroon and Chad Grid Interconnection (PIRECT): control and supervision of the construction works of the 225KV RIS-RIN interconnection

Country : Chad. .
Start Date : 2023-11-15
Completion Date : 2027-09-30
Value of services : 9 655 747,62 EUROS
Funder : World Bank .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The consultant provides the services of Consulting Engineer for the control and supervision of the construction works of the 225KV RIS-RIN interconnection.

The RIS-RIN interconnection consists in the construction of a 225 kV 530 km length power transmission line between the upstream Nachtigal power plant and the new Wouro Soua substation (near Ngaoundere) and the construction of 04 new substations (Ntui substation 400/225/90/30kV, Yoko substation 225/30kV, Tibati substation 225/30kV and Wouro Soua substation 225/110/30kV).
Description of the Actual Services Provided Service 1: Carrying out technical studies;

• Carrying out network studies;
• Preparation of terms of reference for additional studies as required;

Service 2: Control and supervision of the work and assistance during the warranty period.

• Supervision and control of detailed engineering execution studies and works:
• Assistance to project management
• Assistance to contract management
• Monitoring the implementation of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) as well as the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP);
• Validation of the conformity, effectiveness and results of the tests and the commissioning of the structures;
• Preparation of progress and completion reports of the project;
• Support during the warranty period;
• Reporting all its activities to the Director of the PMU;
• Skills transfer (continuous transfer and annual training program)