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Feasibility study of the rural electrification development project in the department of Mayo Banyo, Amadoua region, from the small hydroelectric power plant of Mbamti (5MW) and associated electricity networks

Country : Cameroon. .
Client : REA - Rural Electrification Agency .
Start Date : 2023-11-01
Completion Date : 2024-05-31
Value of services : 76 588 EUROS
Funder : REA (Rural Electrification Agency, Cameroon) .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
As per Decree No. 2022/110 of March 4, 2022 on the reorganization and operation of the Rural Electrification Agency, article 5 Paragraph b stipulates that the REA's missions are to "Set up a project database available to the investors concerned".

The REA accordingly plans to carry out, as part of the implementation of its budget for the financial year 2023, feasibility studies for rural electrification development projects by extension of interconnected grids and by small hydropower plant and associated electricity grids.

The present study is part of this context and focuses on the feasibility study of the project for the development of rural electrification by small hydroelectric power plant and its associated electricity networks in the Department of Mayo-Banyo.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The feasibility study service is as follows:

- Task 1: To take stock of the situation of the rate of access to electricity in the communes of the Department of Mayo Banyo;
- Task 2: Conduct an electricity demand study;
- Task 3: Carry out geological reconnaissance of small hydroelectric plant sites;
- Task 4: Carry out topographic studies by drone (in particular);
- Task 5: Carry out comprehensive hydrological studies;
- Task 6: Carry out studies of hydroelectric facilities (with design of all access to the site, electricity production structures) and associated electricity networks;
- Task 7: Conduct the economic and financial analysis of the project.