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National Rural Electrification Master Plan update

Country : Mali. .
Client : AMADER - Agence Malienne pour le Développement de l'Energie Domestique et l' Electrification Rurale .
Start Date : 2023-11-30
Completion Date : 2024-11-01
Value of services : 480 417,35 EUROS
Funder : AfDB (African Development Bank) .
Associate/Partner : ID Sahel
Description :
The objective of the study is to carry out the master plan for rural electrification in Mali. It is then a question of defining a priority rural electrification programme for the first 5 years, and carrying out a pre-feasibility study so that it can be implemented without delay.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED is in charge of the following activities:
(1) Produce a projection of rural demand over the planning horizon (2040). The projection is based on data collected from rural electrification operators, and the realization of 1500 surveys in rural areas
(2) carry out the study of the rural electrification master plan at a lower cost by 2040, using the GEOSIM software
(3) define a priority programme for the next 5 years, from a technical, operational economic and financial, environmental and institutional point of view, and carry out the pre-feasibility study using the GISELEC software.
(4) implement a program to strengthen the capacity of institutions throughout the study: conducting demand forecasting surveys with digital tools, manipulating Geographic Information Systems with Manifold, carrying out geospatial planning at a lower cost with GEOSIM, optimizing the electrical and mechanical sizing of networks with GISELEC
(5) facilitate interim and final validation workshops, and contribute to the preparation of a donor roundtable.