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Carrying out studies and supervision associated with the densification and operation of the N'Djamena Distribution Network, within the PIRECT framework

Country : Chad
Client : National Electricity Company
Start Date : 2022-11-14
Completion Date : 2027-01-14
Value of services : 3,479,344 EUROS
Funder : World Bank .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The regional interconnection project between Cameroon and Chad is to carry out energy exchanges to optimize the two countries electricity sector development. This interconnection from Ngaoundéré (Cameroon) to Gassi (Chad) comprises 225 kV alternating current dual and single power lines over a length of 1024 km between the two countries.
This project includes the interconnection of the two countries' electricity grids and a rural electrification component along transmission line corridors.

In Chad, the interconnection project is complemented by a national project for the densification, extension and rehabilitation of the N'Djamena distribution network for its modernization. The National Electricity Company of Chad is the prime contractor for the entire programme as well as for the rural electrification sector.

This contract covers the latter: densification, extension and rehabilitation of the N'Djamena distribution network.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED Consult's services are aimed at making investments for these densification, extension, rehabilitation and modernization of the N'Djamena distribution network.

In this context, IED Consult is in charge of:

Phases 1 and 2, studies (define the roadmap for the rehabilitation, the HV/MV extension and the reinforcement and automation of the MV/LV transmission and distribution networks of N'Djamena) and award of the works to the companies
- Creation / updating of Preliminary Draft Summary: implementation of studies, identification of investments, studies on the Master Plan (GIS, defence plan, code of conduct, etc.)
- Realization of the Detailed Preliminary Design according to the progress of the project (engineering design, schematics and plans, investment works, MV automation, price schedule, development of a GIS, implementation schedule, etc.)
- Definition, with the NES, of the investment programme
- Preparation of tender documents for the selection of construction companies
- Assistance in the evaluation of bids and the awarding of contracts
Phase 3, supervision of intensification and operation works:
- Supervision of works: organization and coordination, control and supervision of works, monitoring of progress, monitoring of environmental aspects and MHSS, monitoring of costs, support for the development of operation and maintenance manuals, etc.
- Support during the warranty period
- Continuous skills transfer training