Technical assistance
Hydro electricity. Renewable energy  N/A



Technical assistance for the operation and maintenance of the Mbakaou Carrière small hydroelectric powerplant (1.5MW)

Country : Cameroon. .
Client : IED Invest Cameroon
Start Date : 2022-03-01
Completion Date : Ongoing
Value of services : 127 016 EUROS
Funder : IED Invest Cameroon
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The Client IED INVEST CAMEROUN is the holder of the Contract for the Authorization of Production, Distribution and Sale of Electricity of the small hydroelectric power plant of Mbakaou Carrière (power less than 5 MW).
The terms and conditions of the sale of electricity are defined in the power purchase agreement that binds it to the company ENEO, Electricity Distributor.

The purpose of IED services is
- to support IED INVEST CAMEROON in meeting its obligations as defined in the Authorization Agreement and the Power Purchase Agreement;
- to support IED INVEST CAMEROON to optimize the operation, upkeep and maintenance of the Mbakaou Carrière small hydroelectric power plant.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Exploitation
- Daily monitoring of operation/operation – start-up/shutdown/start-up/communication
- Quality control of daily production/maintenance/intervention reports
- Co-writing and follow-up of operation/maintenance procedures
- Co-organization of maintenance interventions
- Validation of orders for materials and supplies
- Supplier Payment Management
- HR management / team management / conflict arbitration / recruitment
- Relationship between technical inspection and insurance
- Monthly energy balance and monthly production report
- Establishment of files and monthly invoices / ENEO Customer Relationship at the IPP service level for invoicing
- Technical relationship with technical inspection body and insurer
- Participation in optimization studies (operating conditions, network extension)

Electrical Engineering
- ENEO Customer Relationship at the Electrical Engineering Service Level
- Coordination and follow-up of electrical studies (diagnosis, improvement, network extension, adjustment of protection plan)

Contractual and institutional follow-up
- Contractual and Institutional Relations (Executive Level)
- Financial and banking partner relations
- Official Representation
- Validation of operating budgets
- Invoicing follow-up
- Relationship with insurer
- Planning and Deployment of Enhancement and Expansion Operations
- Financial and banking partner relations
- Official Representation
- Consulting & REX

Financial Tracking
- Follow-up of financial statements
- Cost Accounting Analysis
- Remittances
- Implementation and follow-up of good performance guarantee