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Preliminary detailed design studies and tender documents for the ProMER project (Project for the Modernization and Extension of the Electrical Networks of the SBEE)

Country : Benin. .
Client : SBEE .
Start Date : 2023-07-01
Completion Date : 2024-01-31
Value of services : 164 950 EUROS
Funder : BOAD (West African Development Bank) .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The service covers the validation of the APS studies, the realization of the APD studies and the drafting of the work CADs and project management.

The studies are carried out for 7 components:
• Component 1: Extension & Densification (74 MV/LV substations; 55 km MV; 467 km LV; 16,149 connections)
• Component 2: Upgrading of MV/LV substations (66 H59 workstations; 23 H61 workstations)
• Component 3: Installation of HV network equipment (126 IACMs; 14 IATs; 220 DHPs)
• Component 4: Reinforcement of the MV line (232 km MV)
• Component 5: MV network loopback (28km MV)
• Component 6: Construction and rehabilitation of distribution substations (7 substations to be built and 1 substation to be rehabilitated)
• Component 7: Change in voltage level (333km of MV network)
Description of the Actual Services Provided To carry out this mission, the following tasks are carried out by the Consultant:
• Data collection
• Validation missions of Preliminary Draft Summary APS routes
• Carrying out Detailed Preliminary Design (DPA) studies (electrical studies, mechanical studies, DQE, technical specifications))
• Economic and financial analysis
• Realization of CADs Works
• Realization of the RFP and ToRs for the project owner

• Key Final Deliverables:
- Startup Report
- Detailed pre-design report
- ToRs & RFP for Project Management
- ToRs for jobs