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Realization of execution studies of HTA power lines in 30kV on 100km in Almelec 148mm² between the cities of Ngaoundere and Meiganga

Country : Cameroon. .
Client : ENEO
Start Date : 2021-03-01
Completion Date : 2021-09-30
Value of services : 109 291 841 FCFA
Funder : ENEO
Associate/Partner : CCCG (Topo and geotechnical study)
Description :
ENEO is a company in charge of the production, distribution and sale of electrical energy on the territory of the Republic of Cameroon under the Concession and License Agreements dated July 18, 2001 and its subsequent amendments.

ENEO Cameroun Electrial Energy Production and Distribution Company has had a Technical Design Office operating mainly in the sector of studies of distribution network issues.

The creation of the Technical Design Office was part of the desire of the ENEO Top Management to:

• Give a new direction in the realization of projects with the separation of roles in the triptych Studies-Procurement-Construction for better visibility, transparency and governance;
• Create a technical environment for the incubation of young Engineers on technical professions related to Distribution;
• Reappropriate and internalize the technical professions of Distribution;
• Enable a better analysis of issues for a better preparation of the Company's investment programs.

As the volume of investments increased, ENEO decided to appropriate the services of the Technical Design Offices operating in the distribution network studies segment to assist its B.E.T in the studies of issues relating to its missions.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The service consisted in carrying out execution studies concerning the construction of the MV line (30kV) in 148mm² between the cities of Ngaoundere and Meiganga (100km in total)

Studies included:

• Topographical studies : The realization of land surveys and details (planimetry, altimetry, etc ...) in cases where Eneo does not have them for the implementation of structures;
• Geotechnical studies;
• Electrical studies of MV/MV, MV/LV substations and MV parts of Source substations;
• The sizing of the concrete structures of the MV/MV, MV/LV substations and the MV parts of the Source substations;
• Design studies of HV lines under CAMELIA (Mechanical calculations of conductors; Definitions and choice of media types; Media Calculations; Profile skinning; Picket books; The calculations of the Foundations; Tables of Arrows and Conductor Installation Tensions)