Solar power. Wind power  Power transmission



Integration of solar and wind power plants of up to 100 MW into the N'Djamena power grid

Country : Chad
Client : Savannah Energy RC Limited
Start Date : 01-08-2022
Completion Date : 30-11-2022
Value of services : 46 800 €
Funder : Private : Savannah Energy RC Limited
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
Realization of an integration study of a solar power plant and a wind power plant of up to 100 MW each.
The study consists in a first phase to identify the limits of integration in energy and power and the storage needs via an analysis of the supply/demand balance.
In a second phase, Chad's electricity transmission system will be simulated in order to define the impacts of the integration of power plants on the electricity system and to identify possible connection solutions.
Finally, the study will conclude on the technical definitions of connection of power plants.
Description of the Actual Services Provided • Demand forecasting and analysis of supply-demand balance
• Technical studies and analyses for integration into the transport network
• Definition of a solution for connecting power plants