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Study for the implementation of a program to facilitate access to equipment for productive uses of electricity

Country : Senegal
Client : Formulation and Coordination Unit of the Second Millenium Challenge Account Program - Senegal UFD-MCA Senegal II
Start Date : 2020-02
Completion Date : 2021-10
Value of services : 210 736 €
Funder : Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) .
Associate/Partner : Practical Action Consulting (PAC)
Description :
In the Compact's "Access" project, which aims to increase access to electricity in rural and periurban areas, alongside the activity of improving the distribution network, two components of complementary activities are implemented: the "Offer" component and the "Request" component, including equipment support, for which this study is conceived.
The objective of the study is to develop a programme to ease access to equipment, in the areas targeted by the project, by the final beneficiaries:
- In agriculture sector : value chain actors for different productive uses
- In the craft and trade sector: entrepreneurs and mid-size companies,
- Households that develop income-generating activities.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Phase 1 - Mission Framing
Phase 2 - Documentary Review
Gathering information (feasibility reports, due diligence, electricity demand support programs, market opportunities, financial environment for access to equipment, etc.)
Phase 3 - Field Missions
Toward consumers, suppliers and financiers of equipment
Phase 4 - Analysis of the market, suppliers and beneficiaries of equipment
Evaluation of the volume of the equipment demand in the area, the ability to pay and use such equipment, suppliers mapping, etc.
Phase 5 - Financial Sustainability of Equipment
Development of business buyers cases /use of productive equipment, sensitivity analysis on key economic and financial ratios and risk analysis
Phase 6 - Identification of funding mechanisms
Analysis of current access to productive equipment financing and development of a program to support the financing of adapted and efficient productive equipment
Phase 7 - Proposal for awareness-raising activities
Search for business development services and awareness-specific activities
Phase 8 - Final program design
Capitalization of REX, lessons learned, advices and drafting of the final report