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Electricity Transmission System Upgrading and Development and Sector Reform Project

Country : Cameroon
Start Date : 2019-12
Completion Date : 2021-03
Value of services : 1,492,568 €
Funder : World Bank
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
To support electricity demand and production from power generation facilities, the Government of Cameroon has initiated an investment programme to upgrade the public transmission networks. Within this framework, the World Bank, through its BIRD window, is supporting the Government of Cameroon through the financing of a series of works whose purpose is, among others, the evacuation of the Nachtigal and Memve'ele dams and the strengthening of the Southern and Northern Interconnected Networks.
The objective of the project is to carry out the feasibility studies, APS, ODA and tender documents for the construction of the Nachtigal and Memve'ele dams:
- The realization of the interconnection between the Southern Interconnected Network (RIS) and the Northern Interconnected Network (RIN)
-Studies of the interconnection with Nigeria and Chad
- Strengthening the western and north-western service
- Strengthening the South-West service
Description of the Actual Services Provided 1/ Collection phase :
- Data collection.
- Documentary review.
- Elaboration of base mapping
2/ Electrical stability study (APS) :
- Electrical simulations according to different scenarios.
- Technical and economical evaluation in order to propose an optimal solution.
3/ Preliminary project study (APS):
- Preliminary design study of high voltage lines.
- Preliminary design study of high voltage substations.
- Preliminary design study of distribution lines.
- Estimated estimates.
- Preliminary works phasing.
4/ Detailed project study (APD):
- Detailed design study of high voltage lines.
- Detailed design study of high voltage substations.
- Detailed design study of distribution lines.
- Quantitative borders for the works.
- Works phasing and definition of consignments.
- Allotment proposal
5/ Tender documents (DAO) :
- Drafting of bidding documents according to allotments and bidding models: technical and administrative parts.
6/ Training: 1 month for 6 people (MINEE and SONATREL) on Generation and Transmission network software (notably GAP and Power Factory).