Fiches GB: 2019-09-21

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Preparation of a High Level Least Cost Geospatial Electrification Options Analysis for Grid and Off-Grid Rollout

Country : Congo-Brazzaville. .
Client : Ministry of Energy and Hydraulics (MEH), National Rural Electrification Agency (ANER)
Start Date : 2019-03-22
Completion Date : 2019-09-21
Value of services : 76200 €
Funder : World Bank .
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The scope of this assignment encompasses the preparation of a high level geospatial least cost electrification options analysis for use as a basis for dialog between the government of the Republic of the Congo, the World Bank and other donors to pave the way toward universal access to electricity in Congo. The high level geospatial analysis will present the least cost options for electrification, provide a sound strategic basis to implement systematically staged and orchestrated grid and off-grid connection programs nationwide, estimate the corresponding sector-wide investment and operating cost requirements, and encompass grid and off-grid access delivery modalities and technology choices, including deployment of cost effective renewable energy supply where appropriate.
Description of the Actual Services Provided The methodology applied by IED follows the following steps :
Task 1 - Data collection and preparation of GIS database
Task 2 - Development of analysis criteria, constraints and parameters
Task 3 - Development of high level least-cost electrification options analysis for grid-based extension, isolated network system (mini-grid) and off-grid
Task 4 - Sensitivity analysis
Task 5 - Training
The project includes the use of the specialized tool GEOSIM et deployment of licenses for national institutions.