Solar power. Rural electrification  Power generation



Preliminary design studies for the development of production plants and mini-grids in non-electrified areas, Wasini and Kadaina Islands (50 kWc - 2 MWh)

Country : Kenya. .
Client : REA - Rural Electrification Agency Kenya
Start Date : 2017
Completion Date : 2017
Value of services : 80 000 €
Funder : World Bank .
Associate/Partner : Energy Advisory, Joseph NJUGUNA, Economic and Finance Expert La Femme Engineering, Jane MUTULILI, Expert in Civil Engineer
Description :
As part of the KEMP project, Kenya Electricity Modernization Project, the Rural Electrification Agency, REA, has selected a dozen of pilot sites to test electrification by mini-grids powered by solar / diesel hybrid production systems.
REA has entrusted to IED the realization of preliminary design studies for the electrification of 3 villages (populations: 2000, 1800 and 1200 inhabitants) located on 2 islands of the coast of the Indian Ocean.
The first step was to analyse the situation regarding the potential demand and the ground constraints. Then IED established predictions of demand for each of the villages, designed distribution networks and hybrid solar / diesel power plants adapted to each situation.
Description of the Actual Services Provided Theme 1 : Visiting Sites and data collection
(i) Visit and analysis of pre-identified sites for the setting up of hybrid solar / diesel power plants
(ii) Characterization and location of household types according to their ability to pay
(iii) Analysis of the big consumers’ present consumption: schools, hotels, shops, administration, army

Theme 2 : Analysis of demand
(i) Compilation of field survey results to establish consumption profiles by type of consumer
(ii) Aggregation of data in order to establish electric charge curves and their evolution over the next 20 years

Theme 3 : Design of production and distribution systems
(i) Design of MT and BT distribution networks, sizing, preliminary drawings and technical characteristics
(ii) Hybrid plant design, sizing, technical characteristics, setting up and civil engineering plans
Main sizings :
Wasini : solar field : 350 kWc, batteries : 2 MWh, diesel set : 100 kW, MT network : 5km, BT network : 5km
Kadaina : solar fields: 50 kWc, batteries : 300 kWh, diesel set : 16 kW, BT network:3km

Theme 4 : Economic and financial analysis of projects
(i) Economic analysis, investment and operating costs, incomes
(ii) Financial analysis, profitability calculation, estimate of financing needs.