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Burkina Faso solar plan: framing and feasibility study of PV power plants

Country : Burkina Faso
Client : SONABEL
Start Date : 04/2018
Completion Date : 12/2019
Value of services : 911 268 €
Funder : AFD
Associate/Partner : ANTEA
Description :
Burkina Faso has decided to develop production through solar power projects and one of the programs for developing this energy is the Solar Plan.
Activity 1: Framing the Solar Plan
(i) Integration study of large scale PV plants and grid storage systems.
(ii) Sector Organization Analysis and Recommendation for Institutional Strengthening and Restructuring
Activity 2: Feasibility study of PV plants and a storage system on the network
(i) Technical, economic and financial feasibility study of construction projects for:
• a 42 MWp PV plant near Ouagadougou and 3 regional PV plants 1, 2 and 6 MWp.
• a 30/90 kV 2x70 MVA transformer substation and a 90 kV HV line of 30 km mixed aerial / underground
• a storage system connected to the 10 MW / 10 MWh network
(ii) ESIA including environmental and social management plans and relocation plans
(iii) Drafting tender documents, and assistance with the awarding of contracts
Description of the Actual Services Provided Task 1: Technical Framework of the Solar Plan
(i) Diagnosis of the Burkinabe electrical system and Smart Grid needs assessment for the transmission system. Cost / Benefit Analysis of Needs and Definition of a Road Map
(ii) Needs analysis and characterization of energy storage devices. Techno-economic optimization and definition of a road map
Task 2: Institutional Framework and Institutional Support Topics
Organizational diagnosis of institutions and establishment of recommendations to promote the development of renewable energies.
Task 3: Feasibility and Design Study
(i) Electrical studies for the integration of PV plants and storage systems (stability and control)
(ii) Evaluation and design of PV plants: solar irradiation, technological choices and production estimates
(iii) Evaluation and design of substations and lines: HV 90 kV and MV 30 kV for the connection of power plants
(iv) Technological evaluation and design of a storage system and associated control
(v) Study of financial aspects, definition of a timetable and risk assessment
Task 4: Preparation of the DAO and assistance to the MO during the call phase