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Control, monitoring of implementation and social intermediation of the project "Restructuring and extension of the SBEE networks in the Commune of Abomey-Calavi and the Department of the Atlantic"

Country : Benin
Client : SBEE - Société Béninoise d'Energie Electrique
Start Date : 14/03/2017
Completion Date : 23/07/2021
Value of services : 4 506 180 EUR
Funder : AFD (French Development Agency ). BEI (Banque Européenne d'Investissement)
Associate/Partner : N/A
Description :
The project has two components:

- A Restructuring and Extension of networks of urban and peri-urban centers of the municipality of Abomey-CALAVI and the Department of the Atlantic;
- A rural electrification component targeting rural areas of the Atlantic Department that can be served from substations to be created in the continuity of the Energy Facility project.
Description of the Actual Services Provided IED is responsible for the monitoring and control of works, the conduct of social intermediation and the monitoring of the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) of the MOA and the ESMP of the works companies.

Activity 1: Monitoring and Controlling the Contractors' constracts in charge of the works (2 HV/MV substations, 60km HV underground line, 475km MV overhead line, 970km LV overhead line, 168 MV/LV Transformers)
• Project management ;
• The realization of mass plans and technical studies type APD for the rural localities to be electrified;
• The control of the execution studies carried out by the contractors / builders or contractors;
• Control, monitoring equipment manufacturing, factory receptions and equipment shipments
• Monitoring and control of the execution of the work carried out by the Contractors;
• The monitoring of the budget execution of works contracts;
• Coordination of commissioning tests and the preparation of end-of-construction documents ;
• Training of the Client's staff.

Activity 2: Social intermediation
• Realization of the baseline situation in selected villages and urban neighborhoods;
• Social intermediation activities related to people's access to electricity;
• Mobilization and organization of the villages population and urban districts of the project;
• Subscriber support, monitoring and analysis of project impacts ;
• Coordination of IMS activities.

Activity 3: Monitoring the implementation of the ESMP of the MOA
• The study of biodiversity issues on the project route
• The finalization of the ESIA and the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) of the Project MOA ;
• Monitoring the implementation of the project's ESMP (including compensation for affected populations).

Activity 4: Validation and monitoring of the implementation of the Environmental and Social Management Plan "ESMP" of Companies.
• The validation of the ESMP of the Works Companies and the monitoring of the execution of the ESMP of each works company